We always say we have awesome customers and we’re grateful for all of you who support SoWa Vintage Market and visit us on Sundays.  Thank you!

At our core, my partner, John, and I are pickers.  American Pickers, whatever you want to call it, we love finding cool vintage things.  We also enjoy connecting with people who “get” the stuff we find.  Dusty and Taylor Button “get” our stuff.  Dusty is a principal dancer for Boston Ballet.  Taylor collects vintage cars and motorcycles and photographs his wife’s dance career.  They are marketing geniuses.  And they have an amazing eye!  Since they’ve lived in Boston they’ve collected some of our favorite pieces and some of fave finds around the Market from other vendors.  It’s so cool when customers assemble a collection from the Market.

Dusty and I started following each other on Instagram @dusty_button and @sowavintage.  Check her out!  Follow both of us to see our cool pics.

Her dance pictures and videos are amazing.  We came up with the idea that SoWa Vintage makes a really cool location for a photo/video shoot, so we set one up earlier this week.  It was AWESOME!

We’ll have links to videos and photos and we’ll share them soon.

Until then, we hope you enjoy these pics of Dusty @ SoWa Vintage Market.  And for those lucky enough to see her in The Nutcracker this weekend,, we hope you loved it!